Who We Serve

Professionals with Equity Compensation

Equity grants are becoming a material part of most compensation packages. At FFG, with integrated tax, investment, and long term modeling tools, we are equipped with the expertise and the holistic viewpoint to help clients understand how to best maximize these benefits. We prepare forward looking projections highlighting the implications of RSU vesting, option exercises, possible 83(b) elections and alternative minimum tax implications of ISOs. Also, when applicable, we help design and establish 10b5-1 plans to navigate restricted trading windows. We have the background and are uniquely positioned to help clients in all of these technical areas.

Retirement Transition

We guide clients through the various challenges of shifting from the accumulation phase of life to the distribution phase… namely the significant impact it [should] have on the client’s financial strategies in the areas of investing, tax preparation, social security filing, risk management [aka insurance], and mortgage financing.

Widowed, Divorced, or Inheriting

These difficult life events can leave a man or woman in a new position of financial responsibility after relying on a loved one for many years to handle the finances. We help these clients get comfortable in their new role. These individuals are common targets for financial abuse. Having us as an advocate to coordinate tax and investment services together under one firm umbrella can reduce stress, save time, and mitigate the risk of mistakes caused by miscommunication juggling too many service providers.

Real Estate Investors


Real estate holdings can take many forms – from owning a second home that is partially used as a rental to investing in a qualified opportunity zone that is building apartment and office buildings. There are complex, and often favorable, tax implications from these investments. Additionally, one must consider how these holdings fit into one’s overall investment portfolio. Finally, the analysis of the cash flow implications and debt structure must be considered. As CPAs, tax attorneys,registered investment advisors and real estate agents, we often do the deep analysis required to consider all of these implications. This will help ensure that the decisions made regarding a possible real estate investment is grounded with a thorough understanding of the broad implications.

Business Owners

If you own a business, your personal finances and business finances are often in constant overlap. You have to juggle countless service providers – tax accountants, bookkeepers, insurance brokers, retirement plan administrators, investment advisors, etc. The list goes on. What if you had a firm that could coordinate all of these services? Tax planning & preparation for your business and household, investment management for personal assets and your retirement plan, and management of outside bookkeepers and insurance providers. How much time would you save? How much better would your odds be for long-term financial success and sound management of your business? FFG’s team of CPAs, Certified Financial Planners, and Chartered Financial Analysts provide unparalleled value for business owners through our rich/diverse experience and service offering.

High Net Worth


High net worth clients seem to value two things more than anything else – (1) trustworthiness and (2) convenience. With our deep bench of skilled accounting professionals, we can coordinate our capital management services with family office services such as tax preparation, and quarterly household financial statement creation.